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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another brick in the wall of any small business’ digital marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites are a good source of leads, and properly executed, a strong social media campaign can provide exceptional returns on investment. Clearly, some social media sites are more appropriate than others – depending on your niche.

We can offer advice, based on proper research as to which venue is likely to provide the best returns on investment, but we can operate on any social media site. A few major examples are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are some of the ways we target users to get results:

  • Industry influencers – Industry influencers are the people and the companies that carry weight in your industry, and they should be your highest priority.
  • Amplifiers – Amplifiers are Twitter power users, and you need to target them because they are:

a.       86% more likely to send tweets

b.      Twice as likely to follow more than 20 brands

c.       54% more likely to use Twitter on their mobile

d.      Most likely to retweet or share your status updates or content.