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How much does a facebook business page cost?

So, how much does a facebook business page cost? Answer – not a penny. Nada. Zip. Nothing. But that is only half the story.

Facebook pages are free to set up. whether it is a business page or personal page. But – as my old man taught me – if it is free, it is probably not worth anything and this applies to facebook pages. What you do with it afterwards and just as importantly –  how you promote it – is far more to the point. Once you have set up your free facebook business page, which you can do here, you then need to decide how to make it look good and how to use the page to your benefit.

Making your facebook page look the business.

Making your facebook page both eye catching and brand appropriate is the first start. Here are a few examples of brands making the most of their facebook pages:

As you can see, these are all well known brands who are carrying over their other marketing efforts into facebook, but most small businesses will need to develop their own approach in order to spread awareness. There are a number of free things you can do to “spread the word”:

  1. Ask all your facebook friends to “like” your page
  2. Ask your closest friends to invite their friends to like your page
  3. Post entertaining and/or useful articles and images to your page
  4. Go and “like” other pages of companies who might return the favor
  5. Ask any of your suppliers to “like” your page

Depending on your internet setup, you mat also wish to add a “call to action” button on your page, which might be a link to your own website where you could collect email addresses or even make a direct sale from a landing page.

So, how much does a facebook business page cost?

From this point onwards is where a facebook page starts to cost money. Having done all the above steps, you will have reached the maximum “organic” exposure and it is time to start spending time or money – preferably both – on page promotion. Social media marketing  costs vary depending on your goals and budget, but here are the basic steps you will need to go through in order to make the most of your page:

  • Realistically, unless you are a graphic designer, you will need to pay someone to create graphics
  • Run a facebook ad campaign to generate paid likes
  • Run a facebook ad campaign to drive actions such as visiting your website
  • Create or pay someone to create entertaining and original content to post to your page
  • Create or pay someone to create entertaining and informative video content

Facebook are constantly changing the way they present your page content to users. Gone are the days where if you had a thousand people like your page, facebook would show every post you made to everyone and all their friends. They are now leaning more towards paid engagement and currently – March 2016 – videos are getting far more exposure than any other type of content.

You must determine your budget for these sort of activities, but using a professional to analyse your data is almost certainly worth spending money on.

When you advertise on facebook, you are bidding against other companies to get your ad shown. You can target customers by geolocation, interests, age group and sex. You can also set daily, weekly or total limits on how much you spend, but it is fair to say the facebook business page cost will get higher for a more competitive product or market.

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